Education for Innovation and technology: MindMe International is looking at fostering innovation and technological solutions through training related to software and app development to assist young people to find solutions relevant to them and their local communities.

Our target age group for the innovation and technology program is between 18 - 24 years drawn from the informal settlements.

Experts will train local young people in practical skills like software and app development. The trainees will then become trained tutors through a train the trainer program so that they can, in turn, teach the younger age groups on the use of digital technology platforms that will mainly encompass the use of computers.

AAfter Incubation and with broader partnerships with organizations that foster technological solutions some of the young people who go through this training and incubation hubs will eventually:

  • Establish their own start-ups with localized solutions and earn from them.
  • Contribute to the African and global tech solution talent.
  • Certified.

To address this need and through our "LAIBU MTAANI PROJECT" which means "community libraries" in Swahili we are establishing safe community library spaces with training and incubation hubs for young people aged between 18 years to 24 years in both the slums and rural areas. In addition to having books, the community libraries are being fitted with computers for digital and practical learning to encourage technology and innovation community solution hubs.

This will encourage localization of development and livelihoods will be greatly improved