Green Sustainable Communities :

We aim to restore and rehabilitate various public spaces in the informal settlements  to provide a clean, healthy and conducive environment. 

Rehabilitation involves tree planting, care, and landscaping in order to archive the desired outcome. This is in the line with United Nations SDG 11 which advocates for sustainable cities and communities. 

Our Safe Community Library Spaces which training and incubation hubs are also Solar Powered for Sustainability.

Mimea Mtaani' -Under our climate action and environmental programme, MIMEA MTAANI' is an initiative of greening the slums by establishing mini rooftop gardens on top of houses and their walls in informal settlements by growing edible indigenous vegetables and flowers using recycled PET plastic and old tyres. Commercial buildings that accommodate offices and tenants within the informal settlements will house some roof-top gardens as well.

The aim is to reduce carbon emission, improve access to safe and nutritious food that meets the dietary requirements of the community.

We are working with and training community women and youth groups to be part of this initiative to foster ownership and understanding. We work with various groups who sort garbage in these settlements so we can recycle the plastics or old tyres to grow the plants. The groups can also sell edible plants and earn some money.