Canonís Miraisha Program has selected 10 young storytellers from the Mathare community in Kenya to receive a scholarship at KCA University, in a bid to help them develop skills for a sustainable livelihood.

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA), together with Canon Miraisha, chose the 10 young students for film and photography scholarships at the?KCA University. Selected out of 200 Canon Miraisha participants taking part in the program since 2018, the budding creatives will go on to develop their visual storytelling skills at the prestigious institution.

CCNA has released a series of videos on social media to raise awareness of the importance of the Miraisha initiative and to celebrate the hard work and success of the scholars, which reached an incredible number of over 100,000 engagements.

One of the programís focal points is to provide employment opportunities to young people across Africa coming from the low socio-economic backgrounds. Miraisha partnered with MindMe International Community Training Program, based in a particularly disadvantaged community in Mathare that lacks employment prospects for young people.

The partnership empowers local young people to further develop their existing creative skills and helps them access or even create job opportunities, benefitting both their personal development and their local communities.

The KCA University scholarships, which run across two 14-week semesters from May to December 2021, will enable the students to develop their visual communication skills as well as open up and prepare participants for creative and professional opportunities. This is particularly significant as currently there are young people entering into employment and entering creative professions.

The scholars will work towards a Certificate in Film Technology, studying 12 subjects including video camera operations, screenwriting, editing, photography, and film production techniques. Their final project will be to produce a short film, which will allow them to showcase the development of their skills from their time involved in the program.

The 10 students who received scholarships are

  • Anthony Mugendi Mwaura
  • Cynthia Wanjiru Thige
  • Paul Mutisya Muindi
  • Brian Stephen Okwara
  • Saida Wangui Masudi
  • Maria Mumbi Muthoni
  • Irmale Zainabu Irmale
  • Mogaka Victor Gekara
  • Kevin Wanyoike Wanjiru
  • Mercy Wangui Ndungu.

Professor Joshua G. Bagakas, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at KCA University said, ďThe overwhelming response to the current Miraisha campaign is a resounding vote of confidence in Canonís training program. KCAU is especially delighted?that the campaign will give 10 deserving young people the opportunity to realize their aspirations by studying film at the university. Visual storytelling is a powerful communication tool in todayís world, and we are excited to continue partnering with Canon to empower students and continue transforming lives.Ē

Somesh Adukia, Managing Director at Canon Central and North Africa added, ďThe Miraisha Program is designed to give young people the tools and support to develop their skills and improve not only their own lives but also their lives of those in their communities. We look forward to seeing the scholars nurture their creative talents during their time at KCA University.Ē

Now in its seventh year, Canonís Miraisha Program has educated more than 5,680 young storytellers across the continent since its launch in 2014.